The Horizon Marriages Ministry

Horizon Marriages Ministry

A ministry which has for a goal to enrich the family unit so they can live in a healthy relationship. That they communicate effectively and resolve conflicts in a way that strengthens the marriage. It is a non profit organization that seeks to promote godly families by

  • pre marital counseling as a means to lay the foundation for a godly marriage
  • Marriage counseling to support families through challenging seasons.
  • Marriage retreats to equip couples with tools of building strong families
  • Regular fellowships/discussion forums to share daily challenges with other couples to build network for strong families in the community.
  • Partnering with and running Family Foundation International courses that are designed for the healing of relationships in family teachings such as Covenant Unconditional Love (CUL) and Covenant Marriage Retreat(CMR)

Given the current pandemic, HMM is faced with the need to reach the families using online setting. Being a non-profit organization, we seek sponsorship for a paid zoom account, and a good bandwidth to reach a large group. The cost of these are beyond the means of the ministry. Second challenge is space. Having operated from the home we were not prepared for COVID-19 restrictions, as such we need a better arranged venue/home to separate family from clients. The venues we hold retreats are expensive and many couples are not able to afford the full price and so sponsorship is very necessary. These challenges in addition to the directors operating/admin costs would require funds that are constant.


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