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An Overview 

Children of Namibia is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping less fortunate children in Namibia. From raising funds to spreading awareness, this organization does everything it can to change the lives of people living in these communities. Namibia, much like every other county around the world, has wealthy neighborhoods and impoverished neighborhoods. This organization supports the impoverished neighborhoods with possibilities to raise donations, get support, education, awareness and love.

One of the most beautiful bible verses is Matthews 25:40. It speaks about living our lives with an overflow of mercy, compassion and kindness. It says that what we do for the least, we did for him. Christians from all over the world have recognized the importance of supporting missions, giving back, showing kindness, compassion and praying for their fellow brothers and sisters.

Children of Namibia is unique, as they only support projects they have personally visited. This organization always verifies the source of the project and ensures it is run by loving people.  Putting the needs of others before your own is what makes the difference. This type of selfless behavior is critical for making real, lifelong change in these communities.


Let's take a look at how Children of Namibia operate

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